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preventative maintenance program

If you are a building owner, facility manager or property manager, ensuring your building’s long-term value is a key component to asset management planning. Diligent and proactive roof maintenance will keep expenses to a minimum while maintaining a safe and reliable structure with no unexpected issues or disruptions for the building’s occupants or business.

Goodmen Corporation will conduct a detailed roof review and provide an in-depth Roof Evaluation and Roof System Report, which will become the baseline for your yearly ongoing Preventative Maintenance Program.

This Preventative Maintenance Program in its most basic form, will include maintenance activities such as gutter & drain cleaning, debris removal (tree & vegetation), minor general repairs and inspections of seams, flashings, signs of ponding, rooftop units, interior ceiling inspections and more. An effective preventative maintenance program not only protects against unnecessary future repair costs but will strongly contribute to your building’s overall operating efficiencies, structure and minimum business downtime.

An ongoing Preventative Maintenance Program will also ensure your roof system remains in compliance with warranties that have been provided by suppliers and manufacturers.