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Roof system replacement

A complete roof system removal and replacement is a significant investment. You want to make sure that the supplier and manufacturer warranty, along with the workmanship warranty are in compliance at the successful completion of the project. With Goodmen Corporation’s experience and attention to workmanship, you will have no doubt that your new roof system will comply with all the criteria of the warranties and that your real estate investment is protected long-term.

When it’s determined that the best solution for both your building and capital investment, is to undergo a complete roof removal and replacement, the Goodmen team will work with you, your consultant or general contractor to provide the necessary information, costs and scheduling, to ensure the best roof system is installed. Due to the time required to undertake and complete roof replacements, Goodmen will organize and safely secure the worksite so there’s minimum disruption to tenants, employees, or the public at large.

Additionally, depending on the building occupant’s business, it may be necessary to ensure that the interior of the building is properly organized and secured when roofing work is being conducted. Goodmen can arrange both interior ceiling containment protection as well as interior spotters to ensure safety for employees and protection of equipment and inventory. Goodmen always plans for maximum safety onsite and minimum business disruption, from the roof work taking place above.

Goodmen’s experience is always relied on to ensure complete trust with our safety standards and core values, which are above industry best-practices. All projects and services are provided and managed for complete client satisfaction.